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The Perfect Clutch

Holidays can be hard.  Family events can be hard.  Weekends can be hard.  Why should outfits and accessories be hard? They don’t have to be, that’s the catch.

I always find my outfit to be the hardest commitment of an event.  What color dress should I wear? What shoes would match? How should I accessorize? SO MANY QUESTIONS.  SO MANY OPTIONS.  I tend to go really neutral with my outfits but if I am feeling spicy that day, I may wear a bright, popping color.  I knew I needed something that would match any neutral or bright color, so that is exactly what I was looking for and found.

The Taj Clutch is PERFECT for this reason! The multi-color pattern is more than ideal for any outfit.  It has matched solid black, hot pink, navy and olive green for me.  I bring this baby to every event, holiday, wedding and even to work or a casual day out.  I love that the clutch has texture to add an extra pop.

The black Taj Clutch is also perfect for any occasion, but I love it more for work or casual days with the girls or boyfriend.  It feels more neutral and mixes well for Fall/Winter.

These two have been my saving graces and I couldn’t recommend them more!

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