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I have gotten a lot of compliments and questions lately on my makeup, skin care and routine.  So, here it is! Guys, I ONLY use BeautyCounter products on my face.  The reason being, I have sensitive skin and it’s proven to be safer for your skin but also feels and looks good.. no brainer!

I can’t wait to share what I put on my face for makeup!  This is where I HAVE to be careful.  So many makeup products have made my skin really angry and some work wonders.  BC makeup works wonders for me.  I use the Flawless in Five collection! It’s a great line for people who need simplicity and a painless process in the morning.  Something that I love is that BC offers so many different shades for all skin tones.  I have a lighter/olive tone skin and can match it perfectly with the choices they provide.  There are also a few additional products I love to use that are outside the Flawless in Five set, but read on to see more on that..

First, I use the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen in ‘Light’ for any marks or blemishes.  I then take my Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation in ‘Sand’ and apply all over with the BC Retractable Foundation Brush.  Then, under my eyes and framing my nose, I use the Concealer Pen again and blend with my ring finger to highlight/brighten that area.  Now my favorite part, the eyes! Guys, if you haven’t tried the BeautyCounter volumizing mascara, please do yourself a favor and try it! It is the best. I use it on my lashes and am obsessed with the look/shape/volume it gives them.  Second to last, I fill in my brows with the Color Define Brow Pencil in ‘Medium’ using small strokes upwards from the inside (nose side) out (corner of eye side).  To finish off my look, I use the Powder Blush Duo in Tulip/Bloom on my cheek bones and the Mattifying Powder all over!

And BOOM! Makeup for the day is DONE!  I know it looks like a long process typed out, but the makeup is so smooth and easy to apply, so it is truly quick and painless, trust me!

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