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How to Getaway in Fashion

If you have followed me or know me at all, you know I LOVE my Stella & Dot accessories!  When I go away on a long weekend or vacation, you better bet my Getaway Bag is my personal sidekick.  With the amount of storage and room for activities, I can fit my whole wardrobe into one piece of luggage.  Something that I love about the Getaway is how it has the ability to expand three inches to squeeze that extra pair of shoes or that extra chunky cardigan.  I mean, this bag makes it basically effortless to travel as it all fits in one.  I could never get sick of the patterns or the possibilities.  Read on to find out what I fit in there…

I tend to pack a lot… and heavy emphasis on ‘a lot’.  Some would say I pack too much, I say, there are never too many options!  I fit at least four full outfits, four pairs of shoes, accessories, more accessories, big sweaters/sweatshirts, a denim jacket and occasionally my own sheets.. with NO problem zipping the bag.

This sounds like a ton of stuff for one bag, right? Let me tell you how I organize it!

First things first, the shoes.  I put my shoes at the bottom of the bag to stand it up as I continue to pack in the clothes.  Anything thick or bulky, I lay on top of the shoes as the next layer.  I’m a ‘roll all the clothes together’ type of gal and it seriously works wonders.  I lay my shirts on top of one another, fold in the sleeves (if any) and roll from the bottom up.  It seriously saves SO much space! And with a bag like this one, it leaves plenty of room to pack it full!  For pants, I typically fold in half, then tri-fold the already folded half.

As for accessories, I use my jewelry travel case and a pouch for undies/intimates.  The jewelry travel case is a life saver.  It is designed to keep all your earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings safe.  There are separate compartments for each and sections designed for the specific jewel.  I also adore the pouches for traveling because they keep the small things separated from the big.  And who doesn’t strongly dislike when everything is jumbled all together?!

Whether you’re a weekend wanderer or a vacationing professional, these travel essentials make the packing process worth it!

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